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Welcome to organization for your home!

While an organized home looks amazing, I also feel my best when my home has “order.” I am a huge believer that my mental health also goes hand in hand with organization. My relationship with my fiancée even functions better with organization in our lives. Normally when people think” organization” they think that they need to spend lots of money. That’s not always the case. I have found some Dollarama “dupes” for you guys! My main piece of advice is doing it slowly. Don’t think you are going to organize your house in a day ( some people may do that, but reality is…. your going to get overwhelmed.) Start off with one drawer, or section of a room etc. Okay, lets dive into this now…..

** Easy to clean a fridge that’s emptied every week*

Fridge organization

Does my fridge look like this all the time? 90% of the time yes. We go grocery shopping once a week VS the typical biweekly. Why you may ask? My fridge is never packed and I never have to worry about things going bad because I can see everything at all times. The clear containers you see at the bottom are the best investment I ever made. I bought mine on Amazon BUT you can get them at Dollarama now! They have a few different sizes and I recommend it. Generally when we go grocery shopping EVERYTHING comes out of it’s box. ( Costco buying is fun for this haha) This is how I maintain my organization in my fridge. By shopping weekly and getting rid of any packaging BEFORE it goes in my fridge. All my snacks go into a clear container along with vegetables ( shown at the bottom). Making it impossible for me to forget. Anyone who says this isn’t ideal for a family of 4 or 5 hasn’t tried this method and made it a habit. I promise you it works!

I also don’t think we need a packed fridge at all times because all it does is cause waste. We can only make so many things in a week and produce doesn’t always hold for 2 weeks.

Pantry Organization

One comment my pantry attracts is ” It’s organized because it has nothing in it.” For Jayson and I we are the only 2 people eating also our pantry is small so we work with what we have! We can only eat SO much food in a week or two and I buy what we need and use what is in my pantry, and freezer. We don’t have anything that “sits” for long periods of time. If a salad dressing has sat for weeks upon weeks I go and make a salad that week with that dressing. Or use it in a recipe. We don’t need a can of crushed tomatoes sit in our pantry for 3 years ladies and gents 🙂

As you can see the trend of the “clear” containers has continued. I use this to make my grocery list as it’s always easy to see what I have VS don’t. It’s never a guessing game and I notice Jayson also notices things are out more now than before. YAY! Not the only one managing the food now haha.

My main advice for your pantry is cleaning it out for starters. Start using what’s in your pantry and try to cook at least 2 meals a week to help you get through some of the older cans/ products you may have.

This is the bottom of my pantry which holds all my “excess products/ bulk products.” Normally there is extra ketchup, mayo, cereal etc. waiting to be filled in their bins or exchanged for our low stock.

I find the less I keep in my cupboards the less gets tossed/ we aren’t buying ketchup when we already have ketchup in our cupboard!

These are the Dollarama bins that I picked up along side the ones I already had. They are $3.50-$4 each. You can use them for your fridge, freezer, pantry, linen closet, under sink etc.

These are a staple in my house and used in multiple areas, and I will be sharing all with you soon!

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