Welcome to DIY cleaners

Shower Cleaner/ Hack

Time for my shower hack! Like most people we all dread cleaning out our shower but no more ladies and gents… NO MORE.

As you can see, I use a Scotch- Brite dish wand. I add my “shower cleaner” of choice and while I am showering and waiting for my conditioner to soak in I take a scrub at my shower for a few minutes. I do this every time I shower or every second time.

The mixture I have in here is half vinegar and half dish soap. I like to keep it as simple as possible with my cleaners!

One of these wands can be found at your local Wal-Mart, Superstore, or Amazon!

Happy scrubbing!!!!

DIY All- Purpose Cleaner

  • Fill your container with water
  • Add 2 TBSP dish soap ( I use dawn)

Use a microfiber cloth and your new all- purpose cleaner instead of Lysol wipes!

I use it to clean my counter tops, some areas in the bathroom, coffee table, dressers, side tables etc (Note: this is not a disinfectant.)

DIY Vinegar cleaner

One thing I did in 2020 was switch my cleaning products. I LOVE cleaning products and was saddened when I had to make the switch due to my on-going headaches.

A few changes that I made was removing bleach from my home. I was the QUEEN of bleach until I got animals that is. We have switched full time to vinegar to whiten clothes/ towels and of course clean!

DIY Vinegar Cleaner

  • 1 Part water
  • 1 Part vinegar


  • Cleaning screens
  • Windows ( use microfiber cloth, you will thank me later 😉
  • Countertop cleaner ( not for granite)
  • Cutting boards
  • Fridge stains ( takes out the odors)

Vinegar has many MANY uses! I even use it in my DIY shower cleaner which I will be sharing shortly.

The best part of switching to DIY cleaners is the savings! Think about how much brand name window cleaners are, and how much you get. Now look at how CHEAP you can get vinegar for. I swear you will LOVE doing your mirrors and windows with this DIY Vinegar cleaner. Don’t like the smell of vinegar? No problem! Add some of your favorite essential oils! On occasion I have used lemons to “steep” my vinegar and boy oh boy does it smell amazing!

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