A messy house does not ease a messy mind..

While most people would agree organization in our lives makes things simpler. However when you battle mental health it can be an absolute chore and a stressor to even get started. Here is why I think it’s the best chore to conquer.

Mental health leaves you exhausted on most days so why add more exhaustion? A simple pair of scissors being lost and unable to find can send you spinning. This is common with most households to be honest BUT throw in anxiety and depression… your lucky not to destroy a path through your home. Organization limits the chance for triggers on our mental health. Organization leads to a more clear path and routine. Knowing exactly where your hair brush, scissors, vacuum accessories, spatula etc are. Keeps us from activating stress in our minds.

Like most of us we don’t know where to start. I suggest starting small. With either a junk drawer, utensil draw, small cabinet, a few dresser drawers or whatever else you feel would be a good start. Tackling our most disorganized area in the home first often leads to frustration and a half fast job.

One thing that is a huge life saver is dollarama, and dollar tree here in Canada. They have many cheap options to organize various areas in your home. For those that don’t want to spend an asternomical amount of storage all at once. Don’t. Buy in stages. Budget yourself a monthly amount $10, $20 whatever you feel comfortable with. Organizing your home won’t happen in a day. Unless your a Kardashian who can afford to hire someone in.

Now once you get that 1 pesky drawer done, it will give you the motivation to do other areas of your home.

Dollarama still has these bad boys for $3.50 to $4!

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