Mental health and you….

This is blog article right here is the whole and sole reason I started Devotion designs and things.

In this day and age we all can agree that mental health has started not to be so stigmatized( Still needs work, but we are getting better.) However I am a firm believer there is a huge difference in supporting someone and understanding someone with mental health. Many people understand on their ” timetable” only. Meaning. They 100% have your back until your mental health gets in the way of their schedule.

How many of you have been invited to a party and your anxiety kicks in? You start to panic and think how am I going to turn this down? I, myself don’t do well in situations where I can’t say “no” or when I do say “no” and they pressure. I either shut down, panic, or completely cut you out of my life for awhile. I understand the saying ” sometimes we need to push ourselves.” However only I can push myself. I know my limits, and what works/ doesn’t.

Many people only understand when it’s benefiting to them. I have missed close friends and family events due to my anxiety. At the time it was undiagnosed along with other mental health diagnoses which I will eventually share to either help yourself, or help you to understand more. For every event I missed there was a VERY angry person on the other line. ” Why can’t you come? You knew about this months ago?” The thing is. Sometimes it hits you 2 minutes before you leave and you can’t help it, or you are a people pleaser and you say yes ( my biggest problem in the past). Only to instantly regret it and think for weeks how to decline, to only tell yourself GO GO GO. But then that time comes… and you go OH NO.

While I didn’t decline every single offer that came my way …. I would decline every so often for various reasons! Could have been someone was there who made me feel uncomfortable ( Later to find out… PTSD is the cause of this.) I would also decline sometimes because I couldn’t afford to go. Sometimes I would decline because I felt like such a huge whale and I don’t want anyone seeing me like that. This is something that I wish people understood. There are many, many reasons why someone may decline an invite. Sometimes we can’t push ourselves and if we do… we aren’t having a good time and are counting down the minutes to go home. How is that fun for anyone?

I wrote this article to open people’s eyes to mental health. This may not be the same for everyone who has social anxiety but I am betting it’s pretty darn close. Oh and just an FYI even a bubbly, outgoing person can have social anxiety 😉

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing more about mental health. I will get you inside of the mind of someone who spent the last 2 years getting better….. stay tuned!

For those of you that struggle with mental health, I am with you. I am here to spread the message and help!

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