Money Saving Tips

Nineteen days into 2021 and we are still in a global pandemic. Times are tough for many of us. Grocery prices have gone up and essential items are not available in store which means more online shopping which leads to buying more than we need. Here are some tips to help you out!

  • Buy what you need ( No, you do not NEED 10 cans of mushroom soup that will sit in your pantry for months upon months)
  • Clean out your fridge weekly, and shop to the ingredients already in your home. I prefer to shop weekly and I organize my fridge so nothing gets forgotten!
  • Start emptying your freezers ladies and gents!
  • Shop your flyers ( best app is FLIPP)
  • Make a “Freezer stir fry bag.” Do your vegetables seem to go bad before you can use them? Chop them up and throw them in a freezer bag. Once your freezer bag is full you can add to your next stir fry. 90% of the time all my stir fry veggies come from this bag!
  • Plan your meals
  • Budget yourself. Write down all your bills, your earnings and all your monthly basic costs. Make a point to put money aside ( even if it’s $25 a paycheck.)
  • Just because something is on sale doesn’t make it a good purchase. If you have to put something on a credit card because you can’t afford it. All you are doing is paying your savings on said purchase to your credit card bill. ( INTEREST)
  • Cut cable ( Netflix, Disney, & Amazon Prime are MUCH cheaper)
  • Make your own DIY cleaners ( check out my cleaning page, I share a new DIY cleaner weekly)
  • Organize your home and sell anything you do not use anymore. Facebook marketplace and Kijiji are great for getting rid of your old items. You can even sell clothes on Posh market ( an app, check it out)
  • Check for coupons while you shop ( in-store only) many times your local grocery store has various coupons around the store. Superstore has their coupons scattered around the store as well as when you walk in.
  • Use money saving apps ( Checkout 51, Ampli etc.) If you want to use Ampli use my code to get $5 (ASHLEY73416)
  • If you want to buy in bulk for savings but don’t need 10 lbs of oats. Ask a neighbor or a friend to go halves!
  • Make your coffee at home
  • Learn to negotiate. In the past I have negotiated my cell phone down, internet and even cable! Just remember to be kind to the staff during this process you will get further with honey then vinegar.
  • Eat at home. Now in my opinion I think everyone should be able to treat themselves once in awhile so….. I suggest budgeting yourself every month a ” dining out fund.” Whatever you do not use that month you can carry to the next month.
  • DIY projects. The internet is your friend. Instead of hiring someone to stain your deck, paint, or whatever else you have in mind.. Check out YouTube videos! OR see if your friends/ family are willing to lend a hand if they know what they are doing.
  • Shop your local thrift stores ( you’d be shocked on what you can find )

Coming soon….. Invited to a wedding? Birthday? or event? But don’t have the funds……. Let me help!!

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